Do you invest for cash flow or speculative capital appreciation?

Interesting breakdown of real estate investor’s position.  Are you an investor? Do you focus on cash flow? Are you in the black or…  Are you thinking about investing in real estate but not sure if what where how? Give us a call, we are happy to discuss how to navigate real estate investing here in Victoria and beyond. 

Canadian Real Estate Investors Are Losing Money, Pose Risk To System: Veritas
MONTREAL ― A Toronto-based investment research firm has pinpointed what it sees as the key risk to Canada’s housing market: Money-losing investor-owners.In an informal poll of its clientele earlier this month, Veritas found that only half of those who own real estate as an investment are cash-flowpositive, earning more money than the property costs them.About 18 per cent are breaking even, while 33 per cent said they are losing money on their investments. Presumably, they are counting on rising …

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