Buy with or without parking?

A parking spot in Victoria for $35,000-$50,000? What, are you crazy?  Sounds expensive but with more buildings opting to create less parking spots and the bikes lanes etc. parking will likely only become more and more of a premium.  Check out this latest Hong Kong parking spot:


Might make you think twice about buying a unit with no parking, even if you don’t need it yourself.    Or maybe this doesn’t matter and only furthers our need to be MORE GREEN!!



2018 off to a slower start…

It’s not hard to believe Jan 2018 is slower in home sales vs tail end of 2017 with mortgage rule changes but I forecast a robust year regardless if inventory levels do not pick up more.  I think this spring will be a very telling season in Victoria real estate and how mortgage rule changes will have taken root.

Take your pick…Top 2017 Real Estate News

2017 was another Big Year in real estate.  Have a read of this article and let us know if you agree in top 5 order or have another big topic that you felt should have made this 2017 list!
Some pretty heavy talk and politically loaded year in real estate.  Wonder how 2018 will unfold.
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